What are personality profiles?


  • The profiles describe different styles of behavior. They work as concrete tools in dealing with interaction-related issues.
  • They make the coaching session more personal and create a basis for true change.
  • Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors™ personality profiles are validated and localized, and they are based on thorough academic research.

DiSC styles - Everything DiSC Workplace Profile

  • This profile describes your personal DiSC style and priorities
  • There are four primary styles of behavior:
    • D = dominance
    • i = influence
    • S = steadiness
    • C = conscientiousness

    In addition, the profile describes your eight priorities, i.e., the things on which you prefer to focus your energy.

  • This information helps you find the words to describe different styles of behavior and interaction within a work community.

Work of Leaders Profile

Gives concrete advice on how to act in demanding leadership situations with different people.

  • Vision
  • Alignment
  • Execution

You will learn more about the Work of Leaders profile in Everything DiSC certification process!

The Five Behaviors Profiles

To get a team profile, all members of the team have to take the assessment.

The Five Behaviors profile shows

  • how a person experiences trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results, and
  • how that compares to the views of the other team members.

The profile and the certification process include the following supplements for facilitators and coaches:

  • Team Report
  • Five Behaviors one-on-one Comparison Reports
  • Team Progress Report