Everything DiSC®

What is Everything DiSC?


Everything DiSC describes a person’s style of interacting with others.

It is the world’s most popular tool for improving interaction.

There are four primary styles of behavior:

  • D = dominance
  • i = influence
  • S = steadiness
  • C = conscientiousness

In addition, the profile describes the respondent’s eight priorities, i.e., the things on which they prefer to focus their energy.

The benefits of DiSC

  • Discover people’s styles of behavior and interaction
  • Recognize people’s motivators and stressors
  • Detect the challenges, threats, and possibilities related to different behavioral styles within a team
  • Learn to discuss how people can adapt their behavior in different circumstances

Recognize your coworkers’ behavioral styles

How well do you know your team members?

Do you know what they expect of you?

Everything DiSC helps team members better understand one another’s behavioral styles. DiSC is also suitable for improving employee-employer relations.