Professional training for coaches

Everything DiSC® certification process consists of four training modules and seven webinars.

The Five Behaviors™ certification takes two workdays.

You can carry out your own coaching sessions during the certification process. We at MLP provide all the help you need, including one-on-one consultation on demand.

Everything DiSC® certificate

After the certification process you

  • have the right to use Everything DiSC tools in HR development or in your own coaching sessions,
  • can provide your customers with Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles,
  • know how to interpret Everything DiSC reports,
  • can use the EPIC profile generating system,
  • have access to MLP Academy’s online materials,
  • get help and support from MLP’s customer service,
  • become a member of the biggest business coach network in Finland!

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ certificate

After receiving the certificate you

  • have the right to use the popular team coaching solution, profiling tools and reports,
  • can use the EPIC profile generating system,
  • get to use MLP’s coaching materials,
  • receive MLP’s help and advice on how to apply the solutions in different situations,
  • become part of the largest nationwide network of business coaches.

You’ll find out how to build a cohesive and high-performing team, and what its success is all about!

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