Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification (Online)

Everything DiSC Workplace® (English) has been DNV-GL certified as an occupational test tool. This means that the Workplace assessment has passed the Test Review Model developed by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (known as EFPA), helping learners make informed decisions about the quality and utility of an assessment.

Online certification

With the primary purpose to increase confidence and expertise in delivering Everything DiSC Workplace®, this online blended learning course is perfect for clients who want to help their organization get the most out of this solution.

”The course is accessible anytime from home or office computer, and offers the flexibility of self-paced learning, paired with live, virtual classroom sessions led by expert trainers.”

Learner Take-Aways

  • Increase confidence and expertise in delivering Everything DiSC Workplace sessions in their organization
  • Practice coaching and facilitating small groups with Everything DiSC Workplace
  • First-hand experience with the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment and personalized profile results, including application to real-world scenarios
  • Explore how to navigate challenging scenarios that could arise during a workshop or coaching session.
  • Customize a program to meet the needs of a particular group
  • Develop strategies for keeping Everything DiSC alive within an organization and creating a culture of DiSC with MyEverythingDiSC
  • Credential of Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator (upon successful completion of the course and passing of the exam.)
  • Course Overview

    Program Components

  • Four weeks of self-directed online work (approximately 2-3 hours of online coursework to be completed per week)
  • Active participation in three live 90-minute virtual sessions (instructor-led)
  • Small group facilitation, including exploring challenging scenarios that could come up during workshops
  • Active knowledge checks to help understanding and improve learning and retention
  • Project Team Presentation (third live session) and Final Certification exam (self-directed/graded activity)
  • Download the Everything DiSC Workplace Certification Brochure HERE.

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